Crowne Comforteur and Eazies are products of Pediluxe, a fashion design house that specializes in blissfully comfortable, yet highly stylish shoes. Comfortable shoes, stylish designs.

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The happiest feet are the prettiest feet. 

Our classic designs fit in today's modern world of comfortable shoes.

Our Founder:   Creator Joanne Smith has been designing comfortable shoes for over thirty years. A veteran of the women's shoe industry, she has worked with iconic brands such as Keds, Victoria's Secret, Cole Haan, L.L. Bean and many more. Creating comfortable, yet stylish designs, Smith has filled the gap in women's footwear, combining a soft polyurethane footbed with an urban look at affordable prices. She not only designs her shoes, but she wears them too! Watch more about her story here on our Show Me St. Louis NBC morning segment.

Our Shoes: The crowne jewel inside each shoe is our unique high grade polyurethane  cushioned footbed that cradles the arch and cups the heel for all-day comfort. While the hidden footbed supports your feet, the built-in soft leather linings wick away moisture, allowing the foot to breathe. 


Whether you're moseying around town, sprinting to the office, or dancing the night away, we've created a comfortable shoe that can keep up with you no matter what. Our designs incorporate the most up-to-date looks straight from London, our city of inspiration, with an eclectic mix of the creativity of Carnaby Street, paired with the rich elegance of the Knightsbridge District.


I say you simply must try them on for yourself! Afterall, it never hurts to feel good.

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